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Rights and obligations of users

Users have the right to:

- use the library's resources and services for free;
- receive complete information about the composition of the library funds through the catalog system and other
ways of informing;
- receive any publications, unpublished documents or copies thereof from the library funds for temporary use;
- receive consulting assistance in search and selection of publications and other documents;
- take part in events organized by the library;
- receive necessary publications via interlibrary loan and electronic document delivery;
- extend the period of use of documents in accordance with the established procedure;
- use licensed full-text databases, electronic library systems, access to which is provided to the university. Users who are
not students, teachers or employees of USU have the right to use licensed full-text databases, electronic library systems only in the
corporate network of the university;
- use access to the Internet for educational and scientific purposes;
- use technical devices in the library premises without sound signals.

Users are obliged to:

- present a library card or an electronic library card (hereinafter – a library card) to a library staff while visiting the library;
- take care of the publications received from the library funds; return them on time;
- pay for the use of publications beyond the established deadlines;
- carefully check publications while receiving them and inform a library staff, if any defects are found. Otherwise,
the last reader who used the publication is responsible for the damage to the publications;
- re-register within the established deadlines;
- replace documents with the same or recognized as an equivalent publications if they are lost or inadvertently damaged;
- keep quiet in the library;
- observe safety precautions.

Users are prohibited to:

- pass a library card to another person, as well as to use someone else's library card;
- take out publications from the library premises if they are not recorded in the reader's form (including electronic)
or other accounting documents;
- take out publications from the reading room without permission of a library staff;
- make notes and underscores in publications; tear out, fold pages, violate the order in the open access funds, take cards out of
catalogs and card files, spoil barcodes on documents;
- install any programs on the library computers;
- make changes to computer and software settings.

The rights and obligations of users are determined by the Rules of Use of the Scientific Library,
approved by the decision of the Academic Council of USU dated 04.28.2020 No. 10/281.