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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
USU anniversary celebration

This year Ulyanovsk State University celebrated the anniversary date - the 35th anniversary of its foundation. The main celebrations will take place on September 22. Students, graduates, teachers and staff of the university, as well as residents of Ulyanovsk are waiting for festive events dedicated to the anniversary date.

We …

USU welcomes new students to its family

For first-year students and other members of the friendly university team, the  Knowledge Day  traditionally began with a solemn lineup at the USU stadium. USU rector Boris Kostishko, USU president  Yuri Polyanskov  and many other honored  guests congratulated newly-minted  and  said their parting words.

Boris Kostishko congratulated the first-year students on …

USU graduation ceremony of young specialists

Event program:

9:30 – 10:00 – graduates gathering (Obelisk of Glory)

10:00 – 10:20 – rector   and honored guests speech, flower-laying ceremony (Obelisk of Glory)

10:20 – 11:00 – solemn procession of USU graduates (Obelisk of Glory – Sviyagi River Embankment)

11:00 – 12:00 - festive program (USU Stadium on …

International students of USU read poems about the Victory Day!


Congratulations from International students on the Student's Day

The video

Happy Teachers Day!

Dear colleagues! These days, Russian education workers – school teachers, university professors - accept congratulations on their professional holiday.

Teacher's Day is a holiday when each of us remembers our classroom teachers, mentors, those who opened the doors to the unknown for us, gave us the first knowledge that largely …

USU celebrates the Knowledge Day

Ulyanovsk State University opened its doors to freshmen again. The celebration began with a solemn lineup at the USU stadium. The students were congratulated by the heads of the university and the guests of honor of the holiday: Boris Kostishko  - USU Rector, Vladimir Kononov  - Deputy Chairman of the …

Happy Knowledge day!

Dear friends, please accept my warmest congratulations on Knowledge day and the beginning of the new academic year! September 1 always symbolizes the beginning of a long road to new achievements, opportunities, and prospects. In the modern world, quality education is the basis of progress, a guarantee of the prosperity …

We invite you to the Knowledge Day!

We invite students, parents and faculty members to the annual holiday – Knowledge Day.

Event program:

10:30 – general meeting ( USU stadion)

11:00 - solemn ceremony                  

12:00 -  student cards handing

17:00 – 21:00 - "Evening Ulgrad"  program , performance of the best creative teams of the city.

Timetable …

The Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation

More than 30 years ago, the Russian tricolor regained the status of the national flag. On August 22, 1991, the leadership of the RSFSR decided to consider the historical flag of Russia, which was then described as "a cloth with white, azure and scarlet stripes", as a national  flag. Soon …

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