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Ulyanovsk State University
Happy Victory Day!

Dear veterans, home front workers, children of war! We sincerely congratulate you on May 9, the Great Victory Day! As the victorious year 1945 fades into history, we become more aware of the grandeur of the unparalleled feat of our victorious people, who will continue to be a vivid symbol …

Сongratulations from USU rector Boris Kostishko and USU president Yuri Polyanskov on Russian Students Day!

Dear friends! We extend our best wishes and congratulate you on the most fun and bright holiday – the Day of Russian Students! 

 25 January is a day that is loved and honored by all who have ever kept his nose to the grindstone.  Saint Tatiana has long been considered the patron saint …

January 19 - Ulyanovsk Region Day!

In the past decades, Ulyanovsk Oblast has reached significant heights. Thanks to the contributions of many generations, the region has become a real leader in several leading sectors of the economy. Unique industrial enterprises, nuclear-innovative clusters, advanced organizations in the sphere of aviation and wind power provide stable and progressive development of …

November 4 - National Unity Day.

Dear friends, we sincerely congratulate you on National Unity Day! The holiday, symbolizing the unity and unity of all the people, is widely celebrated in Russia. National unity is our fundamental value, which must be preserved for centuries and hold together people of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs. The multinational nature …

Happy Teacher`s Day!

Dear teachers, everyone who has chosen the noble path of enlightenment as their life's work! We sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday! This day is a great opportunity to express deep gratitude to our teachers, to remember the first mentors who, by their example, taught us to be kind, …

Happy Youth Day!

The history of Youth Day began in 1958: legislators decided that it should be celebrated on the last Sunday in June. In 1993, a specific date was fixed by a presidential decree - June 27.

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful period and do not waste time in vain because …

9 May – Victory Day!

Dear friends! We heartly congratulate you on the Great Victory Day! This holiday has become the embodiment of honor and valor, fortitude and unparalleled courage shown by the Russian people in the battles for the Motherland and on the labor front in the name of the desired Victory. Since then, …

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