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Ulyanovsk winter swimmers conquer Volga river before the Olympic Day Run

On June 19, for the first time in the history of Ulyanovsk, members of the Cold Swimming Association operating at  USU, Elena Semyonova and Olga Sokolova, swam across the Volga in its widest part in the territory of our region - from the village of Undory to the coast adjacent …

USU student Svetlana Soluyanova gets a start to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

At the European qualification tournament in Paris, a student of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Rehabilitation of USU Svetlana Soluyanova won a personal Olympic license.

To get into the Russian national team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Svetlana needed to win only one victory. The first fight with …

All – Russian student eSports league starts its fifth season.

Department of  Government youth policies of the  Russian Ministry of Education and Science invites you to take part in an annual computer sports student competition  «All – Russian student eSports league».   The competition was organized by the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.                …

USU student Svetlana Soluyanova wins a golden medal at the international competition in Spain.


Svetlana Soluyanova, a fourth-year physical therapy student became the winner of the international boxing tournament "Boxam International Elite" in the Spanish town of Castellon de la Plana.    In the first fight, Svetlana was boxing against   Marta Arbol del López, a Spanish, and Olena Savchuk in the second. In the final, …

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