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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
Nail Mukhitov, the Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, gives a lecture for USU students

Major General, special forces combat officer, holder of three Orders of Courage at a meeting with students and staff of UlSU admitted that he has warm feelings for our region - he was born in  the Tetyushsky district of Tatarstan, which used to be part of the Ulyanovsk region. Mukhitov …

"CARDO" international competition-award unites representatives of modern culture and sports

"CARDO" is  a new project of the "Russia is a country of opportunities" presidential platform, aimed at supporting talents in the field of street culture and sports, creating social elevators for the youth of the streets.

The streets  today  are recognizable brands, athletes, dancers, cultural figures, promising public and business …

The XXII Russian Youth Delphic Games in Saratov

The XXII Russian Delphic Youth Games will be held in Saratov from April 21 to 26. The Delphic Games are complex competitions in the disciplines of artistic, applied and research creativity. Currently, competitions are held in 54 categories: piano, violin, theater, academic singing, folk dance, circus, epidemiology and bioinformatics, the …

USU at the "Zimovka"creative marathon

USU students and specialists  introduced  the university at the "Zimovka" city marathon of youth creativity. The festival was held in the "Ruslan" recreation center and gathered several hundred young people. The reasons for organizing the event were the Day of Russian Students and the upcoming 375th anniversary of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk.

Schoolchildren …

Elena Semenova, Ambassador of the "Top 100 BRICS Entrepreneurs" Award, Advisor to the USU at the Rector's Office takes part in the BRICS International Business Forum+

The BRICS+ International Business Forum was held in Moscow. It has become a platform for entrepreneurs and representatives of the business circles of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and those countries that seek to build a multilateral economic partnership with the BRICS, including.the EAEU and SCO member states

The …

Take part in a conversation session about youth participation in UNESCO activities

"Youth activities in the work of the UNESCO Creative City team" online meeting within the framework of the "UNESCO Creative Cities of the BRICS countries: Creating together" creative cooperation program  will be held  on October 14, from 15:00 to 16:30.

Within the framework of the program, 40 experts share their …

Acceptance of applications for the All-Russian "Unity in diversity"


Acceptance of applications for the All-Russian "Unity in diversity" competition of student interethnic clubs has been extended

Student leaders and leaders of interethnic friendship clubs are welcome to participate. The purpose of the competition is the harmonization of interethnic relations, the education of civic identity in the youth (student) …

Elena Semenova, advisor of the USU rectorate, is the Ambassador of the «Top-100 BRICS entrepreneurs» Award

The tasks of the ambassador include popularization of the award and its mission, as well as attracting entrepreneurs under the age of 40 to participate in the event.

The international "Top 100 BRICS Entrepreneurs" Award was established under the patronage of state, public and commercial organizations of the BRICS countries …

International Youth Forum of the CIS countries on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The International Youth Forum of the CIS Member States on the Sustainable Development Goals will be held on 1-3 November in Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation.

The First International Youth Forum of the CIS Member States on the SDGs will bring together 100 participants - youth ambassadors of the SDGs, representatives of …

Happy Youth Day!

The history of Youth Day began in 1958: legislators decided that it should be celebrated on the last Sunday in June. In 1993, a specific date was fixed by a presidential decree - June 27.

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful period and do not waste time in vain because …

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