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USU rector Boris Kostishko takes part in the "Russia and Syria: from War to Peace" round table

The round table «Russia and Syria: from war to peace» was held in Tula within the framework of the «Engineers of the Future» International Youth Industrial Forum. USU rector  Boris Kostishko visited the forum together with  Edmoun Salloum  ,  the rector of the Syrian Private University and Biehas Alwakaf,  the …

USU international students welcome spring

USU starts  the "Let's Meet Spring together" Russian speech festival . Students from India, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Syria took part in various contests. They read prose and poems in Russian, sang songs, danced national dances, wrote essays about love for Russia and shot videos about spring. At …

New Year's gifts from USU for children in Syria.

Children of Syria will receive plush toys, books, coloring books, sweets, Christmas decorations, and much more for the New Year. Teachers, students, and staff, trustees of USU became participants in the action "I give the New Year to the children of Syria" and collected more than 40 boxes with gifts, …

Be a part of the "I give the New Year to Russian children in Syria" campaign.

New Year is a time of miracles, hopes and, of course, gifts. And children are excited the most. On the initiative of the Rector of USU Boris Kostishko, who visited Syria as part of the Russian interdepartmental delegation, Ulyanovsk State University launches a New Year's Eve campaign "I give the …

USU rector Boris Rector visits Syria.

The Russian interdepartmental delegation made a working trip to the Syrian Arab Republic. The Rector of Ulyanovsk State University Boris Kostishko took part in the events of the delegation of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia under the leadership of the First Vice-President of the Union, Chairman of the …

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