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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
USU opens a creative space for bookcrossing

Bookcrossing is a movement   and its the main goal  is  to give the book a second life on the principle of "read – pass it on to another". Books are left in public places, libraries or on special shelves. Such shelves appeared in the foyer of the building No. 1 of …

New photo exhibition at the USU administrative building

The heroes of the exposition were the best holders of university activities who achieved the highest results. Those  activities  , or interest clubs, were created at the university as part of the  "Social Actor" strategic project. Today there are more than 60 of them. Students and university staff, as well …

“Christmas talks” with the Association of International Students.

The Association of International Students and students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies organized the "Christmas talks"joint meeting. The participants got acquainted with each other's New Year traditions, spent the evening with warm talks  and told about the highlights during their studies at USU.

The Association of International …

USU activities - "FEMIDA" vocal group

"FEMIDA"  chorus was created as a new creative activity . It`s is a new format of a vocal group.

"For a long time I sang in the choir and realized that I wanted to create a new group, but with a different repertoire - more modern music, polyphony and interesting …

USU activity. “Sozvezdie” dance team

Applications open for “Sozvezdie” dance  team.

The team has existed since 1999 and works in the following areas:

- physique development


-acrobatics from 0 to complex elements performance

-folk dance

-stylization of various dance trends


-style mix

"We believe in the ability to enjoy pleasant little things, be …

"To love and preserve" ecological and educational Bibliocafe event

"To love and preserve."  ecological and educational Bibliocafe event  was held as  a part of   “University meetings“ activities

The formation of the eco-culture of the population is a strategic task of the state policy of the country and one of the conditions for ensuring the environmental safety of future generations. …

AltMus Alternative Music Studio – one of the USU activities

Alternative music is a mixture of different genres and directions, emphasizes the freedom of creativity.

AltMus alternative music Studio is a community of like–minded people, everyone who appreciates a unique style in music and, perhaps, is the author of their own works.

Do you want to become a participant in …

The First Aid Skills Training Center

First aid is a set of urgent measures aimed at saving a person's life. An accident, a sudden attack of illness, poisoning — in these and other emergency situations, competent and quick help is needed. The ability to provide it is an elementary, but very important skill. In an emergency, …

"Association of Foreign Students" - one of USU Activities

"Association of Foreign Students"   is perhaps the most multinational and colorful activity!

Here, international students unite to solve problems related to  their   university  life , study, everyday life, recreation.

"Association of Foreign Students" is open to all foreign students of USU. Its participants regularly get together to have a great …

USU festival of activities

The second day of the USU activities  festival has ended. Volunteer, educational, sports and other student clubs met students  at their venues. First–year students  - participants of the festival - were able to get acquainted with the departments of the university: learn more about social projects, view performances of creative …

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