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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
"Association of Foreign Students" - one of USU Activities

"Association of Foreign Students"   is perhaps the most multinational and colorful activity!

Here, international students unite to solve problems related to  their   university  life , study, everyday life, recreation.

"Association of Foreign Students" is open to all foreign students of USU. Its participants regularly get together to have a great …

USU festival of activities

The second day of the USU activities  festival has ended. Volunteer, educational, sports and other student clubs met students  at their venues. First–year students  - participants of the festival - were able to get acquainted with the departments of the university: learn more about social projects, view performances of creative …

USU activities festival. Results of the first day

The first day of the  USU activities festival  of activities under  the "Social Actor" project has come to an end. First-year students attended lectures and master classes, danced, played, got  expert advice and took  lot`s of photos for memory.

The festival continues today ! From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. …

Project session with the leaders of university activities

From September 12 to 14 the leaders  of university activities of the “University. Social reactor" Strategic project  worked with experts. The participants discussed possible formats of work, talked about SMM promotion in social networks, and also got acquainted with the mechanism and algorithms of the Navigator USU mobile application.

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