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"Transport of the Future: Challenges for the Law" International Scientific and Practical Forum

A scientific and practical "Transport of the Future: challenges for Law” forum with the assistance of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm State National Research University, "LAWYER" Publishing Group and the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia  was held at …

Project session with the leaders of university activities

From September 12 to 14 the leaders  of university activities of the “University. Social reactor" Strategic project  worked with experts. The participants discussed possible formats of work, talked about SMM promotion in social networks, and also got acquainted with the mechanism and algorithms of the Navigator USU mobile application.

USU at the „Dobro. Conferences-2022”

From September 15 to 18, the Volga State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (Kazan) hosts  the  "Dobro.Conference-2022"conference  of  volunteers.

According to the results of the selection, the Ulyanovsk region is represented by six people, including two representatives of the Ulyanovsk State University - Zaryana Mizichenko - chairman of …

USU Activities: Association of International Students

The association of foreign students who help each other in adapting to the university. The curator of the direction is a leading specialist of the Youth policy Department Valeria Grischuk.

The Association of Foreign Students helps participants in solving everyday issues, gives them the opportunity to participate in sports and …

USU activities: «Upgrade» dance team

«Upgrade»   dance team works under the leadership of Daria Letyarina. The dance team specializes in the basics of classical and folk dance, contemporary and acrobatics.  

The team  takes part in city concerts, is the winner of all-Russian and international competitions, including the «Student Spring» festival. «Upgrade»   won more than 20 …

We invite you to study in Asia

The Secretariat of the Dialogue on Cooperation in Asia) is recruiting bachelor's and master's candidates to participate in the online scholarship program of the Asian Electronic University. The programs of studying:  "business administration", "management" and "information and communication technologies".

The scholarship will give the opportunity to study according to the …

USU international students welcome spring

USU starts  the "Let's Meet Spring together" Russian speech festival . Students from India, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Syria took part in various contests. They read prose and poems in Russian, sang songs, danced national dances, wrote essays about love for Russia and shot videos about spring. At …

USU students at the “Russian Student Spring” festival

This year, the "Russian Student Spring" anniversary festival has returned to its historical homeland - Samara. Students of Ulyanovsk State University took part in the opening ceremony - a large-scale show at the Solidarity Arena stadium. During the five festival days , USU students Anastasia Rachkina, Danila Dementiev, Victoria Ivanova, …

Is science boring? Not at all. We invite you to « The scientist speaks» battle

We will talk about difficult things in simple words on May 21. And we are not just talking — we are waiting for a real battle on the project "The Scientist speaks", implemented by the Russian "Knowledge» society.  There will be four top speakers, three rounds, only 15 minutes to …

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia launches the Science Slam University league

Within the University Science Slam league, young scientists will compete for audience recognition. They will tell in a popular form about the main scientific ideas of our time and their own research.

With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, at least 100 events in the …

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